Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF) is a not- for-profit organization that focuses on discourses of local rural life through arts and cultural activities such as festivals, performances, visual art, music, video, ceramics, exhibitions, artist in residencies, monthly discussion, community television and radio broadcast and education.

JaF was founded on September 27, 2005. Since the year 2008 JaF in cooperation with the Jatisura Village Government do research using a collaborative engagement of contemporary art that connecting each other.

JaF has annual Village Video Residency festival, bi-annual Jatiwangi Residency Festival and tri-annual Ceramic Music Festival that invites artists from various disciplines and countries to live, interact, cooperate with the villagers, to feel life in Jatiwangi rural society, formulate and create something that presented to everyone.


















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